Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blank Canvas

It’s time for people to make resolutions. But let’s be adults, they aren’t going to happen. New Year’s resolutions are less likely to happen than just about any goal.
This year I am resolving to buy 5 plain black 100% cotton t-shirts and start phasing out the colorful patterned ‘t’s I’ve been wearing for the past several years.
Wait, I’m going to do that right now.



Now on to 2014 in earnest.

This year is a weird one because it is an utterly blank canvas. There is no sketch to fill out. Just a mercurial image swirling in my head that keeps shifting the longer I think about it. I’ve stared into the void enough times to know that what I see there isn’t real and is likely to be impossible. When reality takes over, it’ll be time to adapt and make some real choices. For the time being, it’s time to start laying down some marks.
So, where to start?
  • Start making some more pieces for Angel book that’s set to Kickstart this summer.
  • Find students for my mentorship program.
  • Set up an order fulfillment center in my basement.
  • Create work samples for book covers.
  • Enter Artorder contest to engage with community.
  • Set up new collaborative blog about being an indie artist.
  • Plan next week’s live video stream.
With no job to give me a schedule or tasks, I’m anxious, but that anxiety keeps me on point. These aren’t resolutions, these are plans. Plans can change, evolve, merge, divide and get crossed out. Plans are just ideas that have been written down.

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