Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Painting Tip – Wash Your Brushes

Quick painting tip today. WASH YOUR BRUSHES!!! That’s right—regardless of medium, you can dramatically increase the life of your brushes by washing them after a day of painting. I keep a tupperware with a bar of Ivory soap for just such an occasion. It’s important to use cheap soap: you don’t want any moisturizing weird girly soap because that will mess up your brushes.
Here’s how it works:
After cleaning brushes in the normal way for your medium (water, turpentine, odorless mineral spirits, etc…) use warm water to rinse your brush. Run the bristles of the brush back and forth across the bar of soap. Rinse the brush in water and repeat! I usually do this a couple times. Then place your brushes in a cup, bristles up, so they can dry.
Stay Strange!
Sam Flegal

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