Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reference – Use Good Costumes

For my High Elves – Elf Gate painting that will appear in the new Elves of Uteria Source Book, I knew I had a big advantage when it came to gathering reference. Uteria was created by Michael Bielaczyc who also co-owns Aradani Studios, a costume company that specializes in elf-ears! As soon as Michael commissioned me for the project I immediately worked it out with him to do a photo shoot with him and his wife Laura, who is also a great seamstress and member of the Aradani team.
Getting to do a photo shoot over at Aradani was great! They had tons of costuming stuff and I got to pick and choose, mixing one thing from one costume, and adding a prop from another, etc… Then I set up my lighting and got to shootin’.
Michael Bielaczyc
Laura Jones
As you can see from the photos having good costuming makes doing an illustration a lot easier. So as an illustrator it’s a good idea to gather both cool costumes and think of creative ways to use your friends and their costumes in your work. Just remember… It Takes a Village to Make a Painting!
Thanks Mike and Laura!

Stay Strange!

Sam Flegal
Elf Gate by Sam Flegal

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